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Cachoeira, Painted Bldgs151-8644Cachoeira, Girl151-8839Cachoeira, Recycling Containers151-8638Cachoeira, Riverfront Bldgs151-8701Cachoeira, Soccer Player V151-8714Cachoeira, Tables and Chairs151-8691Sao Felix, Bldg151-8763Sao Felix, Cat151-8805Sao Felix, Cigar Factory151-8794Sao Felix, Dominoes151-8816Sao Felix, Market151-8737Sao Felix, Signs V151-8766Cachoeira, House Painter V151-8832Cachoeira, Painted Bldgs151-8637Cachoeira, Repair Shop152-8650Cachoeira, Rio Paraguacu, Sao Felix151-8703Cachoeira, Dom Pedro II Imperial Bridge151-8622Cachoeira, Bike, Bldg151-8831Cachoeira, Church of the 3rd Order of Carmel, Chapel Int151-8672Cachoeira, Bldg V151-8627

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