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Guardini Naxos is the port town for Taormina. It is also famous for its beaches and resorts.
Guardini Naxos, Beach, t Taormina1023894Guardini Naxos, Mt Etna1023598Guardini Naxos, Beach1023903Guardini Naxos, Boats on Beach1023844SOO, Taormina, Sicily, Italy1023897SOO, Taormina, Sicily, Italy1023901Guardini Naxos, Boat on Beach1023878Guardini Naxos, Boats on Beach1023867Guardini Naxos, Boats on Beach1023873Guardini Naxos, Boats on Beach1023912Guardini Naxos, Car and Boat1023884Guardini Naxos, Church, Statue V1023906Guardini Naxos, Church1023908Guardini Naxos, f Taormina1023769Guardini Naxos, Marina1023876Guardini Naxos, Mt Etna1023642Guardini Naxos, Naxos Bay, t Taormina1023842Guardini Naxos, Statue V1023899Guardini Naxos, Statue1023882aGuardini Naxos, t Taormina1023910

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