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These are images from near the city of Manaus, a large city located in a remote region of the Amazon River, where the Amazon is joined by the Rio Negro River.
Manaus, Yellow Headed Vulture120-4563Manaus, Waterfront120-4542Manaus, Lake January Area, Fishermen120-4775Manaus Area, Yellow Billed Terns120-4668Manaus, Lake January Area, Man Rowing Boat120-4907Manaus, Lake January Area, Water Village, Family120-4866Manaus, Rio Negro, Pink Dolphin120-4645Manaus, Rio Negro, Clouds120-4919Manaus, Port, MV Explorer, Crew Washing Ship120-4544Manaus, Port V120-4547Manaus, Waterfront, Shacks120-4558Manaus, Lake January Area, Piranha V120-4800Manaus, Meeting of Amazon and Rio Negro120-4637Manaus Area, Floating Restaurant, Kitchen120-4689Manaus, Rufescent Tiger Heron120-4703Manaus, Lake January, Caiman120-4734Manaus, Lake January, Spider120-4751Manaus, Lake January Area, Boat120-4822Manaus, Lake January Area, Boat120-4755Manaus, Lake January Area, Boat120-4770

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