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Palermo is the capital and largest city of Sicily, located on the northern coast of the island. The town of Monreale overlooks Palermo and has some great views of the city.
Palermo Area, Fortress Ruins1024578aPalermo Area, Fortress Ruins1024579Palermo Area, Fortress Ruins1024580aPalermo Area, Fortress Ruins1024582aPalermo Area1024561Palermo Area1024565aPalermo, Balcony1024474Palermo, Bldg V1024521aPalermo, Bldg V1024533aPalermo, Bldg V1024534aPalermo, Bldg, Balconies V1024531aPalermo, Bldg, Balconies V1024554Palermo, Bldg, Balcony V1024535aPalermo, Bldg1024527aPalermo, Bldg1024537aPalermo, Bldg1024545aPalermo, Cathedral Sq, Bldgs1024479Palermo, Cathedral V1024476Palermo, Cathedral V1024485Palermo, Cathedral V1024486

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