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Praia do Forte, Sao Francisco Church V151-9365Praia do Forte, Beach151-9358Praia do Forte, Boats151-9372Praia do Forte, Boats151-9399Praia do Forte, Child in Water151-9356Praia do Forte, Fishing Net V151-9344Praia do Forte, Marine Turtle R and P Project, Turtle151-9381Praia do Forte, Marine Turtle R and P Project, Turtle151-9385Praia do Forte, Turtle Hatching Sculpture151-9406Praia do Forte, Boats151-9370Praia do Forte, Boats151-9373Praia do Forte, Beach151-9350Praia do Forte, Boats151-9392Praia do Forte, Boats151-9393Praia do Forte, Boats151-9396Praia do Forte, Boats151-9397Praia do Forte, Boats151-9398Praia do Forte, Boy on Beach151-9353Praia do Forte, Church151-9337Praia do Forte, Fisherman151-9403

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