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Stromboli is a volcano and one of the Aeolian Islands, just to the north of the island of Sicily. It is one of the world's most active volcanoes in that it has erupted roughly every fifteen minutes since they first started recording it. These views are from a ship, but the vocano can also be climbed during the summer and the eruptions can be watched from above, as the crater is actually on the side of the volcano below the summit.
Stromboli, Eruption1024005Stromboli, Eruption1024013aStromboli, Eruption1024021aStromboli, Eruption1024027aStromboli, Eruption1024028aStromboli, Eruption1024036aStromboli, Sunset V1023987Stromboli, Sunset1023975Stromboli, Sunset1023984Stromboli, Sunset1023985Stromboli, Sunset1023988Stromboli, Sunset1023991Stromboli, Eruption S V-2917Stromboli, Volcano151-0149Stromboli, Volcano151-0147Stromboli, Volcano151-0150Stromboli, Volcano151-0155Stromboli, Volcano151-0153Stromboli, Volcano151-0157

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