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These are what I call "drive-by shootings", most of them taken from a fast-moving bouncing bus. It is an attempt to capture some candid shots of the countryside and villages of Ghana where people are not posed in any way for the pictures.
Accra, Street Vendor120-5291Accra, Toll Booth120-5262Ghana, Building Ruins120-5787Accra, Motorbike120-5260Ghana, Coast, Schoolkids on Road Side120-5781Ghana, Coast, Castle120-5774Ghana, Coast, Schoolkids on Road Side120-5770Ghana, Coast, Termite Mound120-5783Accra, Billboard120-5266Accra, George Bush Highway120-5270Accra, Partially Demolished Bldgs120-5273Accra, Partially Demolished Bldgs120-5274Accra, Mosque120-5275Accra, Mosque120-5278Accra, Cart120-5279Accra, Men and Junk120-5280Accra, Village120-5285Accra, Street Scene120-5289Accra, Store Name120-5292Accra, Vendor120-5297

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