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The Mekong Delta is typically visted as a daytrip or longer from Saigon. Though touristy, I was impressed by the number of people that are employed in the process of providing these tours. It is a nice display of countryside and local small industry.
Mekong Delta, Ducks on Motorbike0953101bMekong Delta, Canal, Boat0952915Mekong Delta, Mytho, Getting Water S V-8848Mekong Delta, An Khanh Creek S -8850Mekong Delta, Mytho, Fishing Nets S V-8851Saigon Area, Fieldworkers120-8582Mekong Delta, Cao Dai Temple120-8585Mekong Delta, My Tho, Cao Dai Cathedral0953019Mekong Delta, Cao Dai Temple V120-8589Mekong Delta, Cao Dai Temple V120-8591Mekong Delta, Cao Dai Temple120-8592Mekong Delta, Cao Dai Temple V120-8594Mekong Delta, Father and Daughter on Motorbike V120-8601Mekong Delta, Lotus Garden120-8604Mekong Delta, Lotus Flower120-8608Mekong Delta, Boat120-8632Mekong Delta, Girl V0952856aMekong Delta, Bags0953131aMekong Delta, Getting WaterMekong Delta, Snake Wine V0952830

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