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Taormina is the most popular Sicilian city with tourists. It has a spectacular setting high on a series of hills with great views over the Mediterranean Sea and of Mt Etna, Italy's largest volcano. It has also preserved some interesting Greek ruins, such as the old theater, which is still used today.
Taormina, Fountain, Foot Washer S V-2771Taormina, Theater1023795Taormina, Balcony, Flowers1023717Taormina, Church1023708Taormina, Fountain1023673Taormina, Theater1023806Taormina, View1023790Taormina1023760Taormina V1023762Taormina, Archway V1023669Taormina, Archway V1023736Taormina, Balconies1023713Taormina, Balcony, Flowers1023719Taormina, Bell Tower V1023666Taormina, Bldg V1023727Taormina, Bldg1023728Taormina, Cacti1023788Taormina, Church Tower V1023834Taormina, Church V1023671Taormina, Church V1023699

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