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Siracusa was once the second most important city in ancient Greece. It was strategically located as an important Mediterranean port.
Siracusa, Archimedes Fountain1025425Siracusa, Arethusa Spring1025537Siracusa, Cathedral Gardens, Orange Tree1025523Siracusa, Arethusa Spring1025547Siracusa, Balcony Supports1025566Siracusa, Cathedral1025457Siracusa, Cathedral1025504Siracusa, Cathedral Int V1025470Siracusa, Cathedral Int V1025476Siracusa, Church V1025390Siracusa, Church, Cross1025514Siracusa, Denys Ear V1025343Siracusa, Denys Ear V1025349Siracusa, Foosball Game1025563Siracusa, Illegaly Parked Car1025527Siracusa, Piazza1025607aSiracusa, Roman Theater1025385Siracusa, Alley V1025590Siracusa, Church Cross V1025447Siracusa, Archimedes Fountain V1025429

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