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Agrigento is one of the most interesting places in Sicily, with a collection of multiple ancient Greek temples all lined up on a ridge, some in an excellent state of repair, including one of the best preserved of all Greek temples.
Agrigento, Temple of Concordia1025174Agrigento, Temple of Concordia1025183Agrigento, Temple of Concordia1025171Agrigento, Temple of Concordia, Int1025227Agrigento, Temple of Juno1025124Agrigento, Temple of Juno1025121Agrigento, Temple of Juno V1025138Agrigento, Temple of Juno V1025145Agrigento,Temple of Castor and Pollux V1025307Agrigento,Temple of Heracles V1025280Agrigento,Temple of Heracles1025259Agrigento,Temple of Heracles1025276Agrigento,Temple of Jupiter V1025305Agrigento,Temple of Jupiter1025300aAgrigento, Byzantine Acropoli1025160Puerto Empedocle1025095Puerto Empedocle1025097Agrigento, Temple of Concordia, Column V1025216Agrigento, Temple of Concordia, Sculpture V1025218Agrigento, Temple of Concordia1025098

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