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Manaus is the big metropolis in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, far from any other cities and hard to reach except by river or by air. In its heyday, it was a wealthy city due to the rubber tree industry. The wealthy rubber barons still wanted the luxuries of Europe, so they had an opera house designed to be similar to the great opera house of Paris, France. Eurpean marksmanship and materials were used to construct the building and its opulent interior. It remains a beautiful theater and is still used for frequent performances today, standing proudly as the symbol of Manaus.
Manaus, Building and Street120-4934Manaus, Teatro Amazonas Opera House120-4965Manaus, Clock V120-4936Manaus, Sidewalk Stalls120-4940Manaus, Cathedral120-4943Manaus, Teatro Amazonas Plaza, Woman Reading V120-4958Manaus, Teatro Amazonas Opera House120-4969Manaus, Fish and Meat Market120-5002Manaus, Buildings and Theater Dome120-5013Manaus, Teatro Amazonas Opera House, Int120-5018Manaus, Teatro Amazonas Opera House, Int V120-5027Manaus, Building Ruins120-4928Manaus, Bus Station120-4929Manaus, Building Ruins V120-4931Manaus, Building Ruins V120-4932Manaus, Crowd120-4933Manaus, Cathedral, Stations of the Cross120-4941Manaus, Cathedral, Tree and Junk120-4944Manaus, Cathedral V120-4946Manaus, Building120-4948

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