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Castellammare is a coastal town on the northwest coast of Sicily. It is also a small port, which we used as access to the town of Segesta. We did not get to see much of Castellammare, but it certainly has some Sicilian charms of its own.
Castellammare1024060Castellammare, Castle1024082Castellammare, Castle1024273Capo San Vito1024072aCastellammare1024583aCastellammare, Boat1024093Castellammare, Boats V1024590Castellammare, Fisherman1024098Castellammare, Flowers1024587Castellammare, Roadshore Sign V1024266Castellammare, Zodiac1024058aCastellammare, Zodiac1024059Castellammare1024063aCastellammare1024065Castellammare1024070Castellammare1024086

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