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Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8416Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8424Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8425Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8431Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8436Salvador, Largo do Pelourinho151-8441Salvador, Pelourinho, Terreiro de Jesus151-8375Salvador, Pelourinho V151-9206Salvador, Pelourinho, Cathedral151-8566Salvador, Pelourinho, Fountain151-8369Salvador, Pelourinho, Mailbox V151-8428Salvador, Pelourinho, Mother and Child V151-9047Salvador, Pelourinho, N Sra Rosario dos Pretos Church V151-9033Salvador, Pelourinho, People in Windows151-9215Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Band151-9026Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Band151-9211Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Celebration V151-9066Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Celebration151-9048Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Celebration151-9054Salvador, Pelourinho, Republic Day, Celebration151-9056

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