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Guadalcanal is the main island of the Solomon Islands and was the site of fierce battles between the Japanese and Americans in World War II.
Guadalcanal, Ambush0612626aGuadalcanal, Woman and Child0612653Guadalcanal, Red Beach0612651Guadalcanal, Bloody Ridge0612750aGuadalcanal, Henderson Field, Memorial Garden V0612739Guadalcanal, Kids V0612636Guadalcanal, Kids0612661aGuadalcanal, Honaria, Boats0612765Guadalcanal, Musicians0612667aGuadalcanal, Girls0612657Guadalcanal, Girl V0612702Guadalcanal, People0612628aGuadalcanal, Baby V0612696aGuadalcanal, Girl V0612692aGuadalcanal, Girl V0612704aGuadalcanal, Musicians0612666aGuadalcanal, Honiara, Pan Pipe Band0612596Guadalcanal, Honiara, Pan Pipe Band V0612597Guadalcanal, Honiara, Pan Pipe Band0612598Guadalcanal, People0612629

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