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White Island is an active volcanic island just off the town on Whakatane on the northeast coast of the North Island. It is a very interesting place to see, and visitors need to have hard hats and gas masks in case of a small eruption of gasses.
White Island, Mud Pots0733592White Island0733612White Island V0733349White Island V0733436White Island0733492aWhite Island V0733547White Island V0733316White Island V0733702White Island, Ruins0733659White Island, Ruins0733675White Island, Crater Lake0733468White Island, Crater Wall0733479White Island, Sulphur Vent0733413White Island0733313White Island0733529White Island V0733500White Island V0733540White Island V0733561White Island V0733645White Island, Crater Lake0733466a

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