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These are images in from the San Francisco Bay, surrounding San Francisco. This includes places like Alcatraz, Sausalito, Angel Island, and the Bay Bridge.
San Francisco Bay, South0584019aAngel Is, Racoon021005-0304aSan Francisco, Bay, Boat021005-0369San Francisco Bay, Ft Baker, Marina, Golden Gate Br130-5984San Francisco Bay, Ft Baker130-6002San Francisco Bay, Marin Sheriff Boat130-5965San Francisco Bay, Marina130-5974San Francisco Bay, Ft Baker130-5977San Francisco Bay, Ft Baker, Fishermen130-5993San Francisco, Bay Br, N021005-0464San Francisco, Bay Br, N021005-0475Angel Is, Boat021005-0313Angel Is, Boats021005-0306Angel Is, Boats021005-0311Angel Is, Kids021005-0309Angel Island, Mother and Child021005-0280aSan Francisco, Bay, Bird in Flight021005-0329aSan Francisco, Sailboat021005-0328aSan Francisco, Sailboat021005-0389Sausalito, Fountain0584880a

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