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Carrizo Plain is a new national monument in the southern part of the central valley of California. It is particularly famous for Soda Lake, which is a dry lake with no outlet, made up of mostly dried crystals. It looks like a real lake when viewed from a distance.
Carrizo Plain NM, Power Line130-6603Carrizo Plain NM, Power Line130-6605Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6610Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6612Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6613Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6614Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6616Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6619Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6620Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6622Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6623Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6625Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6629Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake130-6632Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake Tributary130-6640Carrizo Plain NM, Soda Lake Tributary130-6641

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