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Lava Beds NM, Diamond Back Rattlesnake141-2195Lava Beds NM, Diamond Back Rattlesnake141-2194Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2166Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2167Lava Beds NM, Schonchin Butte141-2168Lava Beds NM, Schonchin Butte141-2169Lava Beds NM, Schonchin Butte141-2171Lava Beds NM, Schonchin Butte141-2174Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2175Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2176Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2177Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2179Lava Beds NM, Lava Flow141-2180Lava Beds NM, Canbys Cross V141-2181Lava Beds NM141-2185Lava Beds NM141-2188

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