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This is a collection of beaches and places along the eastern coast of the Northland (the area north of Auckland) of the North Island in New Zealand. Even in high season it is not too hard to find a relatively secluded beach.
Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936584Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett V0936536Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett, Gull0936530Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936477Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936480Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936489Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936493Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936503Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936509Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936518Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936525Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936529Elliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936567aElliot Bay, S of Cape Brett0936588Goat Island Bay Marine Reserve V1115305aGoat Island Bay Marine Reserve, Gulls1115295aGoat Island Bay Marine Reserve, Surfers1115298aGoat Island Bay Marine Reserve1115296Goat Island Bay Marine Reserve1115304aGoat Island Bay Marine Reserve1115313a

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