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The Pudong district of Shanghai, across the river from the older part of town, has boomed in the last twenty years, from mostly marshy rice paddies to a jungle of skyscrapers, including some of the world's tallest. The skyline is often described as futuristic.
Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline120-9510Shanghai, Architecture020408-6618aShanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr120-9188-2Shanghai, Pudong, Food Vendors120-9175Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr V120-9194-4Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr, View120-9200-1Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr, View120-9202-3Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr, View120-9245Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr, Boy V120-9252Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr, Base120-9258Shanghai, Pudong, Traffic Circle120-9260Shanghai, Pudong, Pearl TV Twr V120-9265Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline120-9271Shanghai, Pudong, Huangpu R, Lanterns120-9274Shanghai, Pudong, Bldgs120-9290Shanghai, Pudong, Convention Ctr120-9299Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline V120-9495Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline, Flag V120-9503Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline V120-9514Shanghai, Pudong, Skyline120-9155

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