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Galaxidi is the port city for Delphi, but has a charm all its own.
Galaxidi, Street1018931Galaxidi, Balcony1018902Galaxidi, Bldg V1018901Galaxidi, Figurehead on Balcony1018962Galaxidi, Boat V1018890Galaxidi, Church1018922Galaxidi, Door V1018920Galaxidi, Door V1018923aGalaxidi, Doorway V1018917Galaxidi, Fence, Flowers V1018926Galaxidi, Figurehead on Balcony V1018953Galaxidi, Figurehead on Balcony1018944Galaxidi, Figurehead on Balcony1018958Galaxidi, Fishing Boat1018892Galaxidi, Fishing Boats1018898Galaxidi, Fishing Nets V1018897Galaxidi, Flowers1018966aGalaxidi, House1018916Galaxidi, Mast and Windmill1018968Galaxidi, Pigeon Boat1018888

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