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These images are from slides from a trip I made in 1993, circumnavigating the island
Eastern Ireland Countryside, Sheep1038568aEastern Ireland Countryside, Sheep1038565aEastern Ireland Countryside, Sheep1038571Eastern Ireland Countryside1038558aEastern Ireland Countryside1038559aEastern Ireland Countryside1038560aEastern Ireland Countryside1038564aEastern Ireland Countryside1038567aWicklow Area, Countryside, Stream, Bridge1038689aWicklow Area, Countryside1038696aWicklow Area, Countryside1038698aWicklow Area, Countryside1038699aWicklow Area, Countryside1038727aWicklow Area, Road1038704aMonasterboice, Cross S V-0450Monasterboice, Cross S V-0451Monasterboice, Cross S -0452Slane, Hill of Slane, Cross S V-0453Slane, Hill of Slane S -0454Slane, Hill of Slane S -0455

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