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These are a few images from the Washington side of the Columbia River. I will evantually have other images from the Orgegon side on the site as well.
Chief Joseph Dam0572876Lyle, Nr0462535Maryhill, Museum0463303Maryhill, Stonehenge0463372aBrewster, Columbia R0572863Bridgeport, Grove0572865Bridgeport, Grove0572870aChelan Falls, Columbia R0573008aColumbia R, f Grand Coulee Dam0572886Columbia R, f Maryhill0463254Columbia R, f Maryhill0463255Columbia R, f Maryhill0463284aLyle, Nr0462523aMaryhill Museum, Rodin, The Thinker, V0463271aMaryhill Museum, Solitude, Lord Leighton, V0463276aMaryhill Museum, Theater de la Mode0463274aMaryhill, Museum0463316Maryhill, Peacock0463322Maryhill, Peacock0463334Maryhill, Stonehenge, V0463350

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