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Ensenada is one of the largest towns in Baja California, along the Pacific coast. It was a popular spot for American movie stars during Prohibition.
Ensenada, Boats, Cruise Ship1115431Ensenada, Colorful101-0184Ensenada, Cow Statue101-0164Ensenada, Cruise Ship1115419Ensenada, Harbor V1115424Ensenada, Harbor, Anchor V1115426Ensenada, Harbor, Anchor1115425Ensenada, Harbor1115417aEnsenada, Harbor1115421Ensenada, Jumping101-0189Ensenada, Marina1115430Ensenada, Mexican Flag1115422aEnsenada, Riviera Hotel, Bar Painting101-0157Ensenada, Riviera Hotel101-0151Ensenada, Sea Lion, Serious101-0187Ensenada, Sea Lion101-0181Ensenada, Sign, Don't Feed Sea Lions V1115429Ensenada, Statue, Del Carmen, Patroness of Mariners V1115427Ensenada, Statue101-0195Ensenada, Venustiano Garranza101-0198

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