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Monte Carlo is the most famous part of the small country of Monaco. This is the home of the casino. Note that there is no photography allowed in the casino. When I first went there many years ago, a coat and tie were required, which of course I had neither, and they let me borrow a bright red jacket and ugly tie, which were way to small for me, but met the requirements. I played 21 (blackjack) and lost my first bet as a push (tie) with the dealer, which in Monte Carlo means you lose the bet. That was the last time I lost anything gambling in Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo, Reflective Sculpture, Casino1032574Monte Carlo, Reflective Sculpture, Casino1032580Monte Carlo, Casino139-0108Monte Carlo, Casino130-8120Monte Carlo, Bldg V1032586Monte Carlo, Casino, Back Side1032590aMonte Carlo, Casino, Flowers1032547aMonte Carlo, Casino1032540aMonte Carlo, Casino1032551Monte Carlo, Casino1032554Monte Carlo, Casino1032557Monte Carlo, Casino1032560aMonte Carlo, Casino1032563Monte Carlo, Fountain, Casino1032531Monte Carlo, Fountain, Casino1032534Monte Carlo, Fountain, Reflective Sculpture1032559Monte Carlo, Park1032527aMonte Carlo, Pigeon1032542aMonte Carlo, Pigeon1032544Monte Carlo, Poster, Dogs V1032608a

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