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Tongariro National Park is near the centre of the North Island of New Zealand, and has some impressive scenery, including some active volcanoes and great waterfalls. Mt Ruapehu is the tallest mountain on the North Island and is a popular ski area in the winter, despite the fact it erupted just a few years back. Taranaki Falls Trail is a short, pleasant hike to a great waterfall, and you can stand behind the falls. The Tongariro Crossing, which has its own page on this site, is one of New Zealand's spectacular hiking trails or tracks.
Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe V0731413Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731372aTongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731385aTongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731399aTongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731427Tongariro NP, Tawhai Falls V0731446aNational Park, RR Trestle0733005Ohakune, Carrot, Sign V0732999Tongariro NP, Mt Ruapehu0733007aTongariro NP, Whakapapa Ski Area0731406Tongariro NP, Whakapapa Village, Chateau Tongariro0731863Tongariro NP, Taranaki Falls V0733045Tongariro NP, Taranaki Falls0733026Tongariro NP, Taranaki Falls0733029Tongariro NP, Taranaki Falls0733065Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731411Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731416Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731435Tongariro NP, Mt Ngauruhoe0731866Tongariro NP, Mt Ruapehu V0731423

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