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The Lauterbrunnen Valley is an incredibly beautiful glacially carved valley surrounded on both sides by steep cliffs and waterfalls. Above the town are other places which have their own pages on this site, including Murren, the Shilthorn, and Trummelbach Falls.
Lauterbrunnen V0941691Lauterbrunnen V0941697Lauterbrunnen Valley, f Trummelbach Falls0942144Lauterbrunnen Valley, Cow V0942072Lauterbrunnen Valley0941727aLauterbrunnen Valley0942079Lauterbrunnen Valley0942171aLauterbrunnen, Staubach Falls V0942191Lauterbrunnen0941682Lauterbrunnen to Murren Train View0941733Lauterbrunnen to Murren Train View0941734Lauterbrunnen V0941687Lauterbrunnen Valley V0942170Lauterbrunnen Valley, Barn Detail0942063Lauterbrunnen Valley, Barn0942084Lauterbrunnen Valley, Chalet0942173Lauterbrunnen Valley, Cow V0942068Lauterbrunnen Valley, Cow0942067Lauterbrunnen Valley, Flower Boxes0942180Lauterbrunnen Valley, Flowers0942081

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