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These images were taken during a several hour tour as part of a cruise-ship stop. It basically goes around parts of the island in a clock-wise direction. Some of the photos were drive-by shootings, so some may be a bit out of focus or blurred or some discoloration from shooting through tinted windows on a moving bus.
Bridgetown, Harbour, Sugar Loading Towers141--3386Bridgetown, Harbour, Sugar Loading Towers141--3387Bridgetown, Carnival Valor141--3388Bridgetown, Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium141--3389Bridgetown, Cubana Flt 455 Bombing Memorial141--3390Holetown, Methodist Church141--3392Holetown, St James Church141--3395Barbados, West Coast, Boat141--3396Barbados, West Coast, Beach141--3397Speightstown, Shopping Area141--3399Speightstown, Street141--3400Speightstown, Street141--3403Speightstown, Religious Signs V141--3404Speightstown, Boat141--3406Speightstown, Boat V141--3408Speightstown, Schoolyard141--3411Speightstown, St Peters Church V141--3413St Peter, Windmill Base141--3418Diamond Corner, Salvation Army141--3419Castle, St Nicholas Abbey, Gate141--3421

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