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Loreto is a pleasant town on the southern Baja Peninsula along the Sea of Cortes, and was home of the first of the California missions.
Puerto Escondido, Sunbreak119-1906Loreto, Arch and Cross109-0912Loreto, Arch and Cross109-0932Loreto, Gift Shop, Dog, V031231-5766Loreto, Boobies Preparing to Dive030205-1396aLoreto, Boat030219-2768Loreto, Boats030205-1420Loreto, Mission and Statue118-1841Loreto, Mission, Flowers, V030219-3001Loreto, Mission, Gift Shop, Photographer031224-4842Loreto, Pelican031224-4908aLoreto, Blue Footed Boobie031224-4911aLoreto, Snowy Egret030219-3034aLoreto, Town Hall, Gazebo031231-5758Loreto, Town Hall031231-5760Loreto031224-4799Loreto, Boobies Diving030205-1382aLoreto, Diving Boobies1388aLoreto, Boobies Diving 030205-1397aLoreto, Cattle Skull030212-1990a

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