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Lima, Bldg S -0234Lima, Church S V-0235Lima, Mural and Wall Art S -0236Lima, American Embassy S -0237Lima, Street Vendor S -0238Lima, Ovrlk S -0239Lima, Plaza San Martin Statue S V-0240Lima, Plaza San Martin S -0241Lima, Walkway S -0242Lima, Church S V-0243Lima, Balcony S -0244Lima, Church S -0245Lima, Church S -0246Lima, Bldgs S -0247Lima, Bldgs S -0248Lima, Bldgs S -0249Lima, Casa Osambeli Cultural Ctr S -0250Lima, Casa Osambeli Cultural Ctr S V-0251Lima, Bldgs S V-0252Lima, Bldg, on Avenida Tacna S V-0253

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