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These are scenes from the area known as the East Cape, the beautiful northeast corner of the North Island of New Zealand. This area has a high Maori population and influence.
Hawai, Beach0732985Torere, Horse0732975Torere0732970East Cape Rd0733215aEast Cape Rd0733252aEast Cape Rd0733265Matawai Area0732819aMaraehako Bay area0733143Omaio, Old Church0733115aRaukokore, Animals0733187aRaukokore, Church0733170Matawai Area0732771Motu Area, Sheep0732843Motu Area, Sheep0732856Old Motu Coach Rd0732904Old Motu Coach Rd0732937East Cape Rd, Hedgehog0733241Hawai, Beach0732978Matata, Whale Island0732658Matawai Area V0732776

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