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Durres is the second largest city in Albania, and is also the largest port. It is only about twenty miles or so from the capital city of Tirana.
Durres, Girl Playing w Ball1020153aDurres, Venetian Wall1020138Durres, Alligator Toy1020132aDurres, Apartments1020183Durres, Beach Promenade, Girl1020210aDurres, Beach Promenade, Girl1020211aDurres, Beach Promenade, Trampolines1020215Durres, Billboard1020236Durres, Bldg1020188Durres, Boy Eating1020146aDurres, Carnival Rides1020235Durres, Columns1019895aDurres, Crane V1020118aDurres, Crane1020245aDurres, Cranes V1020123aDurres, Cranes V1020124Durres, Cranes1020237aDurres, Girl Playing w Ball V1020143aDurres, Girl, Playing1020201aDurres, Junk in Harbor1020115a

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