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Ballandra Bay is on the Baja Peninsula on the side of the Sea of Cortes.
Ballandra Bay, Fishing Shack, Gulls031223-4765Ballandra Bay, Fishing Shack031223-4725aBallandra Bay, Fishing Shack031223-4749Ballandra Bay, Gull031223-4733aBallandra Bay, Kayak Instruction031223-4770Ballandra Bay, Kayak Instruction031223-4771Ballandra Bay, Kayak Instruction031223-4778aBallandra Bay, Kayak Launch, V031223-4777Ballandra Bay, Mantra Ray031223-4767Ballandra Bay, SOE, Kayakers031223-4789Ballandra Bay, Turkey Vulture031223-4744aPuerto Ballandra, Mushroom Rock031229-5495a

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