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The White Pass and Yukon Railway was built to transport gold rushers to the Yukon in a quicker, easier, and safer way of transportation than the trails they had to traverse up until then. The railway functions even today and is a spectacular trip, considered by many to be one of the world's great train trips. The journey begins in Skagway (featured elsewhere on this site) and continues on to White Pass over the border in Canada. Amazingly, for such an elevation gain, there is only one tunnel.
Skagway, Border, Flags020626-3052aSkagway, Railway, Br020626-3037Skagway, Railway, Trestle020623-3032Skagway, Railway, Tunnel020626-3022Skagway, WPYR Railway, Trestle and Tunnel V0818514Skagway, WPYR Railway, Trestle and Tunnel0818509aSkagway, Train, Ship020708-4736Skagway, WPYR Railway V0822619aSkagway, WPYR Railway V0822626Skagway, WPYR Railway, Rock Sign0818478aSkagway, WPYR Railway, Trail of 98, 0818529Skagway, WPYR Railway0818498White Pass, WPYR Railway0818533aSkagway, Railway, Border020626-3053aSkagway, Railway, Trestle020626-3035Skagway, Railway, Tunnel020626-3021Skagway, Railway, V020626-3075Skagway, Railway020626-3010Skagway, Railway020626-3011Skagway, Railway020626-3025

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