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Locke is one of the few remaining Chinese wooden towns remaining in California. It is in the Sacramento River Delta and has now become a tourist town, with more non-Chinese than Chinese, and is somewhat of an artists' town.
Locke, Main St141-1659Locke, Sidewalk V141-1617Locke, Al the Wops Bar141-1701Locke141-1607Locke141-1612Locke0728792Locke, f Chinese School141-1622Locke, Al the Wops141-1637Locke, Dai Loy Museum141-1642Locke, Street160-4245Locke, Sidewalk V160-4248Locke, Public Bath Tub160-4260Locke, House, Porch160-4265Locke, Memorial Pool, Flower and Lily Pads160-4272Locke, Al the Wops V141-1649Locke, Doorway141-1650Locke, Main St141-1652Locke, Chinese School141-1628Locke V0728776Locke V0728779

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