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Spiddal S -0386Screeb S -0420S of Maam Cross S -0421S of Maam Cross, House S -0422Kylemore S -0423Kylemore, Abbey S -0424Connemara, nr Letterfrack S -0425Connemara, nr Letterfrack, Boat S -0426Killary Harbour, Sheep S -0427Killary Harbour, Boat S -0428Castlebar, Cemetery at Turlough Tower S -0429Castlebar, at Turlough Tower S -0430Lough Gill, Parke Castle S -0431Lough Gill, Parke Castle S -0432Cliffs of Bunglass S V-0433Donegal, Glengesh Pass, Peat Harvesting S -0434Donegal, Poisoned Glen S V-0435Donegal, Poisoned Glen, Church S V-0436Glenveagh NP, nr, Peat Harvesting S -0438Glenveagh NP, Castle S V-0439

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