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These images are from a trip I took to Latvia shortly after they obtained independence from the Soviet Union. These were slides that I have converted to digital images.
Riga, 3 Brothers S -9126Riga, Vansu Br, Sunset S -9129Cesis, Street, Girl w Ball S V-9175Cesis, Street, Girl w Ball S -9176Gauja NP, Turaida Castle S -9179Riga, Laidu Iela St S V-9133Cesis, Phone Booth S V-9173Cesis, Street S -9174Cesis, Street S -9178Gauja NP, Turaida, Bride S V-9183Riga, Kids S -9187Riga, Skargnu St S -9135Riga, Market S -9138Riga, Market S -9139Riga, Bldg Facade S -9144Selaspils, Concentration Camp, Memorial S -9140Selaspils, Dzintari Beach S -9142Riga, St Johns Ch S V-9145Riga, Towers S V-9148Riga, Towers S V-9149

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