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These are just a few photos that did not fit in the other Holland folders. Some are ones that were slides that have been scanned.
Lisse, Tulip Picker S -2814Kinderdijk, Windmills S -9841Kinderdijk, Windmills S -9839Kinderdijk, Windmills S -2783Kinderdijk, Windmills FSNetherlands, Aerial View of Greenhouses030925-9072Netherlands, Aerial View030925-9079aNetherlands, Aerial View030925-9082aSluis, Bldg V1052283Sluis, Windmill V1052287aValkenburg, Schalden Castle S -9836Maastricht, Stadhuis, Night S -9837Maastricht, St Servatius Basilica S V-9838Kinderdijk, Windmills S -9840Kinderdijk, Windmills S V-9842Kinderdijk, Windmill S -9843Kinderdijk, Windmills S V-9844Kinderdijk, Windmills S -9845Kinderdijk, Canal, Plants S -9846Kinderdijk, Windmills S -9847

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