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Frederick Sound is a portion of the waterway between Petersburg and Juneau, and one of the best places to view whales.
Five Fingers Light020706-3995Frederick Sound, Boat020706-3997Frederick Sound, Whales Feeding020706-4046aFrederick Sound, Whales Feeding020706-4046Frederick Sound, Whales Feeding020706-4045aFrederick Sound, Whales Feeding020706-4045Frederick Sound, Boat020706-4054aFrederick Sound, Brothers Island030514-9661aFrederick Sound, Fishing Boat020706-4029Frederick Sound, Fishing Boat030528-1581Frederick Sound, Whale and Boat020706-4006aFrederick Sound, Whale, Boat, Light020706-4060aFrederick Sound, Whale, Boat020706-4059aFrederick Sound, Whale, Tail020706-4030aFrederick Sound, Whale, Tail020706-4053Frederick Sound, Whales and Boat020706-4001Frederick Sound, Whales and Boat020706-4010aFrederick Sound, Whales and Boat020706-4014aFrederick Sound, Whales and Boat020706-4019aFrederick Sound, Whales and Light020706-4042a

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