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Delphi is famous for being the home of the Oracle, which in ancient Greece was a hole in the ground from which a woman could communicate with the God Apollo and consult him for various types of advice. The setting is quite spectacular and there are numerous temples and a stadium in various states of ruin.
Delphi, Temple of Athena1019122Delphi, Temple of Athena1019119Delphi, Temple of Athena1019150Delphi, Temple Ruins, Flowers V1019104Delphi, Temple Ruins1019023Delphi, Theater, Steps V1019038Delphi, Gymnasion1019106Delphi, Theater1019052Delphi, Theater1019067Delphi, Flowers1019097Delphi, Gymnasion1019176Delphi, Museum V1019179Delphi, Museum V1019180Delphi, Museum V1019182Delphi, Museum V1019183Delphi, Museum V1019184Delphi, Museum V1019185Delphi, Museum V1019187Delphi, Museum V1019191Delphi, No Smoking Sign V1019083

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