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Rapallo is a seaside resort town along the Italian Riviera south of Genoa.
Rapallo, Castle by the Sea1031789aRapallo, Castle by the Sea V1031791Rapallo, Gazebo Ceiling1031806aRapallo, Cactus Flowers V1031814aRapallo, Waterfront1031830Rapallo1031779Rapallo, Bell1031782Rapallo, Castle by the Sea V1031786Rapallo, Castle by the Sea V1031797Rapallo, Pink Bldg1031799aRapallo, Bldg1031801aRapallo, Basilica of Sts. Gervasius and Protasius V1031803Rapallo, Bldg V1031807Rapallo, Man in Boat1031809aRapallo, Lamps1031811aRapallo, Cactus Flowers V1031812Rapallo, Cactus Flowers V1031815aRapallo, Cactus Flowers V1031816aRapallo, Cactus Flowers1031818aRapallo, Cactus Flowers1031819a

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