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Some feel that Santorini may have been the site of the ancient Atlantis. The villages of Santorini lie on the precipitous cliffs of a huge volcanic caldera. The larger villages of Santorini, including Fira, Ia, and Imerovigli, each have their own page on this website.
Santorini, Firostefani, Cafe, Chairs1017809Santorini, Firostefani, Church1017834Santorini, Caldera, Ship1017286Santorini, Fira f Firostefani1017763Santorini, Firostefani, Flowers1017828Santorini, Scala Fira V1017669Santorini, Scala Fira, Ship V1017715Santorini, Scala Fira1017687Santorini, Fira f Caldera1017282Santorini, Caldera f Imerovigli1017959Santorini, Caldera1017297aSantorini, Caldera, Cruise Ship1017284Santorini, Cruise Ships V1017914Santorini, Cruise Ships1017886Santorini, East Side of Island1017304aSantorini, East Side of Island1017308aSantorini, Fira f Caldera V1017285Santorini, Fira f Caldera1017279aSantorini, Fira f Firostefani1017771Santorini, Fira f Firostefani1017776

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