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These images cover the road between Queenstown and Mt Aspiring National Park. It is a very scenic road.
Lk Wakatipu, Glenorchy Rd0814742aLk Wakatipu, Glenorchy Rd0814750Glenorchy, Paradise Rd0814821aGlenorchy, Paradise Rd, Horses0814896aGlenorchy, Paradise Rd0814841Glenorchy0814789Mt Aspiring NP0814902Mt Aspiring NP0814926aGlenorchy, Paradise Rd, Horses0814891Glenorchy, Paradise Rd0814847Glenorchy, Paradise Rd0814850Glenorchy, Paradise Rd0814936aGlenorchy0814779aGlenorchy0814783Glenorchy0814797Glenorchy0814798aGlenorchy0814801aGlenorchy0814803Glenorchy0814806aGlenorchy0814815

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