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These images were taken on a short tour of the island, and some of them were drive-by shootings, so may be a bit blurred or out of focus or some discoloration.
Castries, Harbor, Europa Cruise Ship141-3661Castries, Harbor, Europa Cruise Ship141-3662Castries, Fountain141-3665Castries, Roof141-3667Castries, Harbor, Carnival Valor141-3671Castries, Vigie Lighthouse141-3674Castries, Morne Fortune, Monument141-3676Castries, Sir Arthur Lewis College141-3677Castries, Morne Fortune, View f Monument141-3679Castries, Plant141-3682Castries, Sir Arthur Lewis College141-3685Castries, Truck141-3686Castries, Flower V141-3687Castries, Flower V141-3689Castries, Flower V141-3691Castries, Countryside View141-3693Castries, Countryside View141-3694Castries, Countryside View141-3696Marigot Bay Overlook141-3697Marigot Bay Overlook141-3699

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