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These are images from Christchurch from before the big earthquake. The cathedral was destroyed in that earthquake. Christchurch is the big English city in New Zealand keeping many of the traditional cultures from England, such as punting on the river and the beautiful gardens.
Christchurch, Cathedral and Chalice Sculpture V0816746aChristchurch, Cathedral V0816538Christchurch, Cathedral V0816747Christchurch, Cathedral, int0816607Christchurch, Chalice Sculpture V0816548Christchurch, Chalice Sculpture V0816550Christchurch, Chalice Sculpture0816590aChristchurch, Avon R, Boathouses0816729Christchurch, Avon R, Punting V0816670Christchurch, Avon R, Punting0816633aChristchurch, Gold Tree0816575aChristchurch, New Regent St, Teddy Bear0816615Christchurch, New Regent St, Tram0816614Christchurch, Botanic Gardens, Cemetery0816711aChristchurch, Botanic Gardens, Cemetery0816713Christchurch, Botanic Gardens0816661Christchurch, Botanic Gardens0816688aChristchurch, Scott Statue V0816561Christchurch, ANZ, Old Bldg V0816741Christchurch, Avon R, Boathouses V0816733

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