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Monaco Ville is the old part of the country, built up atop a large cliff, and home to the Royal Palace, the Aquarium, and the cathedral where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier are buried. The streets are very narrow, but hard to get lost on as the area is so small.
Monaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral V1032443aMonaco Ville, Park, Lost Sailor Sculpture V1032426Monaco Ville, Prince Palace, Statue V1032496Monaco, Cathedral, Princess Grace Tomb V139-0111Monaco Ville, Palace130-8133Monaco Ville, Overlook130-8142Monaco Ville, Street V130-8144Monaco Ville, Cathedral, Mosaic130-8147Monaco Ville, Flowers130-8148Monaco Ville, Prince Palace1032482Monaco Ville, Bldg V1032491aMonaco Ville, Bldg on Cliff1032394aMonaco Ville, Emblem on Bldg V1032477Monaco Ville, Ilex Bldg V1032473Monaco Ville, Ilex Bldg1032446aMonaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral V1032447aMonaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral V1032451aMonaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral, int1032456Monaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral, int1032462aMonaco Ville, Monaco Cathedral, int1032463a

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