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Mount Rushmore memorializes four of America's favorite presidents and has become a symbol of the United States itself. The presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
Mt Rushmore0825059Mt Rushmore, Night0825044Mt Rushmore0825134Mt Rushmore, f Tunnel0825154Mt Rushmore, Flags, Night0825050Mt Rushmore0825147Mt Rushmore, Jefferson0825104Mt Rushmore, Lincoln V0825076Mt Rushmore, Roosevelt V0825101Mt Rushmore, Washington Profile V0824911Mt Rushmore, Washington0825068Mt Rushmore0824888Mt Rushmore, f Black Hills V0825152Mt Rushmore, f Studio0825127Mt Rushmore, f Tunnel V0825159Mt Rushmore, Kids in Teepee V0825071Mt Rushmore, Lincoln Mask V0825124Mt Rushmore, Lincoln V0825100Mt Rushmore, Night0825037Mt Rushmore, Night0825041

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