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The Shakers were a religious group in many parts of the United States who lived a simple lifestyle where everyone contributed what they could and got back what they needed. Everything was owned by the community as a whole, not individually. They ate together, worshipped together, and exhanged work roles. They practiced celibacy, which may have been part of their downfall, though they did adopt children from orphanges. New Hampshire had two Shaker villages, including this one in Canterbury. Today, there are only four Shakers remaining in the entire country, and they are in Maine. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in any of the buildings.
Canterbury Shaker Village121-1503Canterbury Shaker Village121-1478Canterbury Shaker Village121-1442Canterbury Shaker Village121-1470Canterbury Shaker Village121-1495Canterbury Shaker Village121-1443Canterbury Shaker Village121-1487Canterbury Shaker Village, Robin121-1444Canterbury Shaker Village121-1446Canterbury Shaker Village, Robin121-1447Canterbury Shaker Village121-1454Canterbury Shaker Village121-1455Canterbury Shaker Village V121-1458Canterbury Shaker Village, Tulip Tree121-1460Canterbury Shaker Village121-1468Canterbury Shaker Village121-1469Canterbury Shaker Village121-1473Canterbury Shaker Village121-1475Canterbury Shaker Village121-1476Canterbury Shaker Village V121-1481

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