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Kerikeri is a town at the Bay of Islands in the Northland of New Zealand. It has the two oldest European buildings in New Zealand. They are located at the Basin, the end of a beautiful inlet from the sea. This is also the town where my girlfriend, Katie, lives.
Kerikeri, Rainbow Falls1115151Kerikeri, Basin, Flowers1115198Kerikeri, Basin, Kemp House V0946740Kerikeri, Basin, Kemp House, Window Lantern V0936779Kerikeri, Basin, Kemp House0936703Kerikeri, Basin, Kemp House0946734Kerikeri, Basin, Kemp House0936697Kerikeri, Basin, Lilly Pond0936663Kerikeri, Basin, Lilly Pond0936680aKerikeri, Basin, Lilly Pond0936691aKerikeri, Basin, Log0936644aKerikeri, Basin, Stone Store0936705Kerikeri, Basin, Swimmer, Jumping1115189aKerikeri, Basin0936736Kerikeri, Basin1115101Kerikeri, Bird on Table0946732Kerikeri, Downtown1014396Kerikeri, Flowers1015035Kerikeri, Inlet0936782Kerikeri, Kemp House Tour1115064

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